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DA Superhero Idea
I thought it would be interesting to have different Disney Afternoon characters interact in the same comic, if Marvel ever decided to bring back the line of comics published by Boom! Studios, and if I ever got enough experience writing comics to work on those titles.
The main problem with having different DA characters interact with each other is that they all come from different shows with different continuities.  The Rescue Rangers live in a world dominated by humans; most other characters live in worlds without humans, dominated by funny animals.  The characters in Talespin live in the 1930s; everyone else lives in the present.  Getting these other characters together would be a problem.
One solution is suggested by Boom!'s Darkwing Duck comic, in their story called "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings." That story established the existence of other universes with alternate versions of Darkwing; why not have alternate versions of other DA characters in DW's un
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Black Attack for PompFiction
1. Rupert and Cookie are sloppily kissing each other.  Cookie is leading and licking Rupert's face with her tongue.
C: Mmmm...
R: Oh yeah.
2. Rupert and Cookie are still kissing each other.  This time, she is licking a big zit on Rupert's cheek.  Flo comes in from the right.
3. Flo sticks her tongue out and makes a disgusted face while Cookie and Rupert look at her and react.
F: YUCK!  Rupe, why would you ever wanna date anybody that skinny!  She's so skinny, I bet when she was born, her mom thought she'd passed a stick of licorice!
4. Rupert looks out of it, Cookie looks furious, and Flo starts flirting with Rupert, putting one hand behind her head and making a kissy face at him.
F: So why don't you try me?  If you want something exotic, try kosher!
5. Cookie pushes Rupert behind her.
C: Stand back, sugah, time for Cookie to attack black!
6. Cookie leans forward and asks Flo a question.
C: Flo honey, you ever he
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Mature content
Journey to the Center of the Internet :iconstavner:stavner 1 0
Mature content
Tales of the Fatass :iconstavner:stavner 0 0
Mature content
Tales of the Fatass Preview :iconstavner:stavner 0 0
Gadget Revamp Outline
Police work isn’t as easy as it used to be..
In the past, it was possible for police officers to arrest criminals using only their bare hands.
But over the past few years, new kinds of criminals, ones with superhuman abilities, have sprung up.  Offenders that can melt bullets with heat vision, or knock down police stations with one punch.
This is not only a major problem, but an opportunity for superhumans in the law enforcement field.  State and local governments will pay big money for superhero services.
Why, even people without superpowers can make money at this–provided they live long enough....
Origin: Rebecca Cunningham was paying her way through business school by working as an archeological assistant to Egyptologist (mainly-he would do digs in other parts of the world) Richard Cunningham.  One day her husband was excavating a lost temple of the ancient Egyptian goddess of divine wr
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DA Heroes Story Ideas
"By Law"--Gadget and Peg are required by law to portray all the cliche plots that you usually see in cartoons: episodes where the characters go to the beach, or the characters pretend to be ghosts, or where one character saves the life of another character, and the other character becomes the first character's slave.  They do this with all the enthusiasm you'd expect from just going through the motions.
"Gadget's Coffee Problem"--Gadget loves to drink coffee!  She drinks several pots--not cups--every day!  And her hyperactivity gets on everyone's nerves!  Until she loses the ability to sleep, and has to go cold turkey for a week before she can sleep again!
"Meeting Sekhmet"--Gadget, Peg, and Becky visit the home of the Egyptian gods because Sekhmet, the goddess who gave Becky her powers, is having a performance review from the other gods.  Mirage decides to cause trouble by having Becky fight monsters from Egyptian mythology.
"My Duty a
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Bill Bacteria :iconstavner:stavner 0 0
Rebecca the Werewitch Profile
Rebecca Cunningham Profile
Rebecca Cunningham copyright Walt Disney Television
Full Name: Rebecca Jessica Cunningham
Occupation: Former archeological assistant, current secretary/member of Super Security Inc.
Identity: Known to Gadget and Peg
Alias: Werewitch
Place of Birth: St. Paul, MN
Marital Status: widow
Known Relatives: Richard Cunningham (husband, deceased) Molly (daughter)
Group Affiliation: SSI
Base of Operations: SSI HQ, Cape Suzette
Origin: Rebecca Cunningham was paying her way through business school by working as an archeological assistant to Egyptologist (mainly-he would do digs in other parts of the world) Richard Cunningham.  One day her husband was excavating a lost temple of the ancient Egyptian goddess of divine wrath, Sekhmet, when some demons attacked her husband and dragged him  into some tunnels underneath the temple. Rebecca pursued the demons, and actually tried to fight them off to save Richard. The goddess Sekhmet was so impressed by Becky
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Mature content
Saving Jack's Shit :iconstavner:stavner 1 12
More Seven Questions with Alan
The Authority
I encountered them in the Lobo/Jingle Hell team-up but didn't like them a whole lot. The main reason I wouldn't want to write them is I hate alternate worlds scenarios--all that infinite dimensions stuff leaves me cold. Infinite dimensions--and infinity itself--only exist in mathematical equations. Mathematical equations are NOT reality. I guess some writers get good mileage out of it, though.
Ambush Bug
Don't know anything about him.
Uncle Scrooge
I always liked the Scrooge McDuck stories, no desire to write one, though. John wagner would probably differ--he used to be a huge Scrooge fan.
Well, I don't like Superman but I do like Smallville (first 2 seasons, anyway--haven't seen any since). I've written 2 Smallville novels ("Curse" and "Dragon") and would be happy to write more.
Once upon a time...yes, I would have liked to write Spiderman maybe 20 years ago. I don't care so much now, though.
Great character--the template for Batman and Judge
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Becky Vs. Cliff by Eric Powell :iconstavner:stavner 0 0 Gadget by Stelfreeze :iconstavner:stavner 7 3 Becky in an Alley :iconstavner:stavner 7 2 Ambush Bug versus Gadget :iconstavner:stavner 1 0 Angry Becky by Steven Butler :iconstavner:stavner 21 8


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Have a Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!
New Year’s is still part of the holidays, isn’t it?
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!
Or Armistice Day, if you prefer.
so i'm doing commissions- closedMy cat had a major bowel obstruction and had to be seen at an emergency clinic. i now have to pay off a $600 vet bill. 
here's my commission info: 

you can see my work here
also, if you want to donate, donate to on PayPal. every donation is appreciated. 
Have a Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!


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stavner Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2005  Student Writer
Taral Wayne and I are working on a Talespin comic which will probably be published online. If anyone wants to contribute stories and pinups, just contact me here or at

Here's the outline:


Premise: Rebecca Cunningham is an avatar of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Early stories feature her adventures with her archeologist husband, before the TS series; later stories feature her adventures in Cape Suzette.

Origin: Becky helped her Egyptologist husband on digs. Once Mr. Cunningham found a lost temple of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of divine wrath and justice, then was kidnapped by bandits. Sekhmet then appeared to Becky and offered her the power to save her man, in exchange for serving as her champion. Becky agreed, and gained the ability to become an avatar of Sekhmet with a magic amulet, the Eye of Ra, but only at night, then saved Mr. C. Becky fought evil for a couple of years, partly in gratitude to Sekhmet, partly because she doesn’t know how to break off Sekhmet’s influence until 1) Molly was born and 2) Mr. C. died from influenza. Becky rejected Sekhmet in anger==the one way she could break off her influence (she is also goddess of disease, but did not save Mr. C. For some reason), but she still hung on to the amulet.

She doesn’t use the amulet in the series because she’s still angry at Sekhmet and concerned about what the monster might do in the big city (before, she fought evil in places less built up). At start of my story, she has to become monster again to save Baloo et al. Gets hired by Gadget’s grandma, a Doc Savage type, to handle paranormal stuff for city.

Monster: very scary, yet good, monster version of RC. Hulk-level strength, huge teeth and claws, shoots fire from hands, can (humorously) punish people with magic. Ht 8ft, Wt 600 lbs? Looks like a cross between a werewolf and a bear. Has an Egyptian eye-motif over one eye, and gold bracelets on wrists; is otherwise non-explicitly naked.

Basic genre: comic adventure like TS, some supernatural/horror elements, but nothing over PG–monster never kills!

Personality: Monster is basically RC, but with fewer inhibitions. Likes being powerful, able to intimidate people, esp. enemies; enjoys strength, agility; can handle things as monster that she can’t handle as RC.

Also will express Becky’s love for Baloo, usually by kissing or hugging–I don’t think Baloo would like to be touched by something that scary....

Becky’s husband, John or Richard?: young, handsome, slightly bookish archeologist; specializes in ancient Egypt, but works on digs from other civilizations around the world. Is _not_ anything like Indiana Jones!

Gadget’s grandmother: brilliant industrialist and inventor who uses her wealth and resources in an attempt to prevent World War II; is setting up a superhero team, the first in this “universe,” to gain popularity with the public and US government. Bears a strong resemblance to Doc Savage: has secret headquarters in a skyscraper, uses a zeppelin “sky fortress” to travel around the world. Looks like Gadget, only very blond and tan. Personality: much less scatterbrained than Gadget, although she can be a little eccentric and distracted at times.
TimberPhoenix Featured By Owner May 13, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome to DA.
Dwilesjr Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2005  Hobbyist Artist
hello first comment YAY me! :D
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