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"By Law"--Gadget and Peg are required by law to portray all the cliche plots that you usually see in cartoons: episodes where the characters go to the beach, or the characters pretend to be ghosts, or where one character saves the life of another character, and the other character becomes the first character's slave.  They do this with all the enthusiasm you'd expect from just going through the motions.

"Gadget's Coffee Problem"--Gadget loves to drink coffee!  She drinks several pots--not cups--every day!  And her hyperactivity gets on everyone's nerves!  Until she loses the ability to sleep, and has to go cold turkey for a week before she can sleep again!

"Meeting Sekhmet"--Gadget, Peg, and Becky visit the home of the Egyptian gods because Sekhmet, the goddess who gave Becky her powers, is having a performance review from the other gods.  Mirage decides to cause trouble by having Becky fight monsters from Egyptian mythology.

"My Duty as a Talking Animal"--It's Gadget's duty to help people with their personal problems, and who has more personal problems that divorced mom Peg?  Gadget moves in and tries to help, but since she doesn't understand people, there are even more problems....

"Saving Stimpy"--Gadget captures Stimpy and tries to reform him, but not only does Ren violently object, Stimpy is too stupid to realize he's doing anything wrong!  Goes about as well as you'd expect.
Here are some story ideas for my Disney Afternoon superhero project.
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