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Rebecca Cunningham Profile

Rebecca Cunningham copyright Walt Disney Television

Full Name: Rebecca Jessica Cunningham

Occupation: Former archeological assistant, current secretary/member of Super Security Inc.

Identity: Known to Gadget and Peg

Alias: Werewitch

Place of Birth: St. Paul, MN

Marital Status: widow

Known Relatives: Richard Cunningham (husband, deceased) Molly (daughter)

Group Affiliation: SSI

Base of Operations: SSI HQ, Cape Suzette

Origin: Rebecca Cunningham was paying her way through business school by working as an archeological assistant to Egyptologist (mainly-he would do digs in other parts of the world) Richard Cunningham.  One day her husband was excavating a lost temple of the ancient Egyptian goddess of divine wrath, Sekhmet, when some demons attacked her husband and dragged him  into some tunnels underneath the temple. Rebecca pursued the demons, and actually tried to fight them off to save Richard. The goddess Sekhmet was so impressed by Becky's willingness to save others--and Becky's great temper--that she bestowed some of her power on Becky. Becky immediately transformed into a huge, powerful monster, smashed the demons, and changed back to normal.

Becky eventually married Richard, even though Becky now had the power to become a powerful monster whenever someone near her was in very great danger, or she became very angry--the last didn't happen very often, because she and Richard loved each other very much. Becky traveled all over the world with her husband, eventually earned her MBA, and gained experience secretly fighting supervillains.  She also gave birth to a daughter, Molly.

Then Richard came down with a mysterious illness and died.

After that, Becky became angrier over the way life was treating her.  She needed a job in a hurry, and took the first one that came up--a job with "crazy inventor" Gadget Hackwrench. Gadget found out Becky's secret during a particulary dangerous mission, and she and Peg decided to make Becky a team member, and even gave Becky a codename, Werewitch, which Becky doesn't like.

Height: 5 feet normal, 7 feet changed

Weight: 120 normal, 1000  changed

Eyes: Brown normal, glowing red changed

Hair: Striped brown normal, same--but wilder--changed

Abilities: Whenever Becky gets extremely angry--which is happening more often since her husband died--or if Becky or another person near her is in a dangerous situation that only Becky's other self can overcome--Rebecca Cunningham transforms into a giant creature that looks like a cross between a werewolf and a bear, clearly female, and is as strong as the Incredible Hulk--Class 100, can lift over 100 tons.  

Becky keeps her own personality when she becomes Werewitch, but now she is freer to do those things she could not normally do when she was a little, physically weak bear woman.  If you've ever seen Becky in _Talespin_, you'll notice that whenever bad guys threaten her, she can't do much but struggle and maybe get in a lucky punch.

As Werewitch, she can destroy an entire city.

Becky loves the feeling of great strength and power her changes give her, but she doesn't like turning into a giant, ugly monster. She's glad she eventually changes back, when the danger is over, or when she calms down. Gadget is glad too--Gadget can barely control her....
Here's the second of my Disney Superhero profiles, this one is Rebecca Cunningham, or the Disney version of the Hulk.
SweetEvanescence Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008   Photographer
It's alright but I think it would be better to really post the story of her so we can understand more than just the stated information you give us.
EgonEagle Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Intresting story.
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